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JULY 26 / 10am-1pm

MMA Selangor AGM



Please pre-register before 22 July 2020  




JULY 26, 2020 (Sunday)

10am - 1pm


For the first time MMA Selangor will conduct AGM on Virtual Platform.

As the country has now entered the period of Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) till 31st August 2020, the Malaysian National Security Council (Majlis Keselamatan Negara Malaysia) or MKN has set out a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to conduct any meetings.

In view of this the MMA Council has decided to hold the Branch AGM virtually,


It is timely for us MMA Selangor to move forward with the new norms and rest assured that we have the SOPs and guidelines set in place to ensure that we are running an effective Virtual AGM.

Members who wish to attend the MMA Selangor Branch AGM, need to pre-register not less than 4 days before the Branch AGM ( before 22 July 2020 ). No registration will be accepted on the date of the AGM.

For further details,please email us at


MMA Selangor have emailed the AGM Materials and notices to all

MMA Selangor members in benefit.

For AGM registration,please click here

Members who have not received the materials can download it from the links provided below.

The links are password protected.

To receive the password, please fill up the form below this page and and submit to us.

Once your membership is verified we will email you the password for the link.


Password for the link

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